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Taimold 2015

Taipei Industrial Automation Exhibition 2015

Concurrent Expo: Taipei Industrial Automation Exhibition 2015 - Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition

The 1th International Mold & Die Industry Fair was held in 1995 and emerged to international events with three grand meetings: the FADMA General Assembly, the presentation of technical thesis forum and International Mold & Die Industry Fair. 

In 2001, it was splendidly staged with four other grand meetings (plus the Seminar of New Products). It is highly commend from Mold & Die and Metalworking Industries over the 7 editions, and thus engaged as a significant activity every July for technical & developmental exchange and purchasing. 

Exhibit Profile: 

Automation Controlling System 

Hardware and Whole Plant Equipments 

Test and Measurement 

Robot & Robot Arms Pavilion, Pumps, Valves, and Tube Acccessories 

Machine Tools, Mold & Die Processing Equipment 

Machinery and Equipment for Electronics Industry 

Software for Design Engineers 

3C Metal Components & Alloy Technology & SMT

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