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Counter-face Design of Slide Bearing,Bronze Bushing,DU DX Bush

Shaft Counter-face Design for slide bearings

Slide bearings may be used with all conventional mating surface materials. Hardening of steel journals is not required unless abrasive dirt is present or if the projected bearing life is in excess of 2000 hours, in which cases a minimum shaft hardness of 350 HB is recommended.

A ground surface finish of better than 0.4 μm Ra is recommended. The final direction of machining of the mating surface should preferably be the same as the direction of motion relative to the bearing in service.

Slide bearings is normally used in conjunction with ferrous journals and thrust faces, but in damp or corrosive surroundings stainless steel or hard chromium plated mild steel backing. Optional there choices from wrapped bronze bearing or solid casting bronze bushing with graphite plugged

When plated mating surfaces are specified the plating should possess adequate strength and adhesion, particularly if the bearing is to operate with high fluctuating loads.

The shaft or thrust collar used in conjunction with the flange bearing bush or thrust washer must extend beyond the bearing surface in order to avoid cutting into it. 

The mating surface must also be free from grooves or flats, the end of the shaft should be given a lead-in chamfer and all sharp edges or projections which may damage the soft polymer lining of the DU, DX, JF-800 composite bushings must be removed.

shaft counterface design of slide bearings

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