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FB09G(FB08G) Bronze Bushing with Graphite Indented

Wrapped bronze bushing FB09G with graphite embedded

FB09G graphite embedded bronze bush

Intorduction of Bronze Bushing

FB09G wrapped bronze bush bearing embedded with solid lubricating graphite. It is FB090 bronze bushing with additional graphite filled in the diamond pockets.

Due to it is made of bronze,it has good performance in elongation rate. This kind of bronze bearing can be made into split bushing with very thin wall thickness (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 or 2.5mm).

in additionally, the embedded graphite lubricant is ideal for dry lubrication without oil, the bushing can be used in auto transmission shaft and other conditions without oil lubrication. Also it is better if with oil greased.

FB09G bronze bush bearing

Specifications of Bronze Bush

Material : CuSn6.5P,CuSn8P + Diamond Embebed Graphite
Hardness: HB 90 - HB150
Load capacity : 65N/mm2 
Friction Coef.(μ) : 0.06~0.2
Temperature Max : 260C

Linear Speed limit : 4m/s

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