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Maintenance free electrical fan motor spherical bronze bearing bushing

Maintenance free oil sintered self-lubricating electrical fan motor spherical bronze bearing bushing

Household using electrical fan motor is a small 2 pole AC induction motor. The end user usually will never add grease for the electrical motor as it is a professional work. So it requires a reliable solution for the rotator shaft bearing of motor.

The oil sintered bearing is produced by powder metallurgy technology and contains 12% - 18% oil impregnated on its body after vacuum treatment, so it can provide a self-lubricating during the shaft running. It is maintenance free during the whole life of electrical fan.

We providing both high quality PM oil sintered bronze bearing bushing and cost save oil sintered iron bearing bushing for you choosing. This kind of bearing bushing can be in shape of cylinder sleeve, flanged, sphercial, square or other customized design sizes.

electrical fan motor bearing bushing

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