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Oiles Bronze Bushing for Die Components

Oilless Bronze Bearings for Stamping Die components

Our company produce oilless bronze bushing bearings for the Automotive Industry, like bushing and slide plate pad for oilless cam units.

Oilless technology is using high quality copper alloy based metals with solid lubricant (graphite or/and PTFE composite) plugs. This kind of bearing with the character of maintenance free operation to reduce the cost and increase production speed.

oilless oiles bronze bushing bearing

The Base Bronze Material:

Oiles 500 : Zn Brass, CuZn24Fe3Mn3 

500 SP1 / HP / AB / F / L (SPBL)

Aluminum Bronze: CuAl10Fe5Ni5

Tin Bronze: CuSn12, CuSn10, CuSn8

JM1 -15: Gun Metal

JM3 -15: Tin Bronze
JM5 -15: Lead-Tin Bronze

JM7 -15: Ni-Al Bronze

Plugged Solid Lubricants:

SL2: graphite


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