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Machined solid casting bronze bushing for Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder

Grooved Machined solid casting bronze bushing for Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder rod end bore housing

This kind of bronze bushing is made from centrifugal casting bronze raw bushing, then apply precision machine tooling like lathe, grinding machine and cnc processing.

It is with oil hole and grease grooves inside the wall for lubricating, material normally in high tensile strength zinc brass to get higher hardness for heavy duty, or lead tin bronze in better lubricating.

solid bronze bushing for excavator

Check here to know more information about them:

JM5 Lead-Tin Bronze : Leaded Bronze Bushing -CuSn7Pb15

JM1 Gun Metal: Brass Bronze Bushing -CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3

JM3 Tin Bronze : Tin Bronze Bushing - CuSn10

JM7 Ni-Al Bronze : Aluminum Bronze Bushing -CuAl10Fe5Ni5

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