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Cutless brass rubber bearing,bronze marine bearing,water lubricated rubber bushing

bronze rubber bearing,rubber brass bearing



-Outer Sleeve: Brass, Bronze, or Stainless Steel

-Inner Linning: Rubber Elastomer


-Bronze Sleeve Bearing

-Bronze Flanged Bearing

-Bronze Split Bearing



Metal Rubber bearings are used in

-Marine propeller stern tubes

-Cooling Water & ACW Pumps

-Rudder bearings

-Condensate Extract Pumps

-Vertical turbine Pumps

-Desalination Plant Pumps


Cutless brass rubber bearing,Water-luricated Bronze Rubber Bearing, Marine Bearing

Part of specifications:

morse,cutless,duramax marine bearing


Other marine bearings:

bronze bushing,marine bushing marine bearing pad,bronze bearing pad rubber bronze bearing,brass rubber bearing
PTFE Bronze Bearing Bushing PTFE Bronze Bearing Pad Bronze Rubber Bearing
Turbine Hatch Cover Propeller

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