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Oil Sintered Bronze Bush

SAE 841 Oil Impregnated Sintered Bronze products conform to ASTM recommended dimensions and tolerances. 

After forming, sintering and sizing, the bearings are vacuum impregnated with oil that provides lubricant which is metered from the bearing surface to shaft during rotation.

Comparable specifications are:

ASTM Standard:     ASTM B438 Grade 1, Type 2 

Military Standard:   MIL-B-5687D Type 1, Grade 1

AMS Standard:        AMS 4805 

SAE Standard:         SAE 841 Type 1, Class A

oil bronze bushing,sintered bronze bush


Model Sintered bronze   oilite bushing
Material MPIF:CT-1000-K26,SAE841, Sint   A50,A51,oil-impregnated  
Style Sleeve,   Flanged,Spherical,Miniature,Trust Washer, Rod
Size 1)   inner 3-70mm, also can according to your request
Package inner   packing: plastic bag
outer packing: carton, pallet
Physical Properties Specific load   capacity static: 10 N/mm²
Specific load capacity dynamic: 5 N/mm²
Sliding speed: 6.0 [ m/s ]
Friction value: 0,05 to 0,20 [ µ ]
Temperature strain: -40 to +200 [ °C ]
Max. Pv - value: 1.6 [ N/mm² x m/s ]
Bronze Bushing Hardness: HB 30-70
Surface Roughness:0.8-1.6
 Yield Stength: 15,000 PSI
Elongation: 1%
" K" Strength Constent(PSI): 26,500
Oil Centent: 18-22% (V)
Density: 6.0-6.8 g/cm³
Features Oil-impregnated;   Self-lubricating
Wear resistant and long life service
High performance bearing can be in extreme   load, low speed reciprocating and oscillating applications
Good thermal conductivity property
Can be used in dirty and corrosive environment
Noise much less than other bearing
Suitable for high static load
Can be applied in widely temperature
Excellent corrosion resistance
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